Archive Your Documents

Where do you keep your taxes?
Is your Tax and Accounting files safe?

If you do not have offsite backup storage – you are at risk.

We provide safe and reliable storage for your data. Simple 5 minutes setup. Data access does NOT need any special software to install – use web browser or your email software to access archive.

Archive storage is affordable – just $2 per month will pay for up to 2000* years of tax returns. Size of pdf file produced by TurboTax is 200-400KB

Easy, Simple and Secure:

  • Add Archive account to your email program such as Outlook
  • Copy all documents and files you would like to archive to this folder.
  • Files will be sent to server via secure connection

If you do not use Outlook – then email your documents to your special Archive Email address and you do not need to do anything else. Make sure you zip you files with password.

When you need to retrieve archived item: Connect to archive as to any regular mail box and retrieve your item. It is accessible from any computer, iPad and web browser with internet connection.

Select your package and Enjoy Peace of Mind.

MailSix Team

* Size of tax return is based on size of pdf files generated by TurboTax for 2009-2011 for 1040 forms.